Starter Kit - Simple as 1-2-3 Dr Natasha Cook

Starter Kit - Simple as 1-2-3 Dr Natasha Cook

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Get Started on DrNC with the 1,2,3 Kit. AM Routine
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Includes Concentrated Cleanser, Concentrated Clarifier and Concentrated Moisturiser

If you are interested in getting started with DrNC and you're not sure if you are ready for the Total Transformation Kit, we recommended starting with the Concentrated Cleanser, the Concentrated Clarifier and the Concentrated Moisturiser.

Simple 1,2,3 steps repeat morning and night.

A great way to start addressing the six key skin concerns: Acne / congestion, dehydration, pigmentation, sun damage ,ageing and sensitivity.

An Easy yet effective routine for Men and Teens. For men, the concentrated cleanser also doubles up as an ideal shaving balm. Ditch those harsh shaving foams.

Step One: Cleanse your face with the Concentrated Cleanser

Preps your canvas to make sure the Concentrated Clarifier, evenly absorbs and readily penetrates to start preventing and removing congestion.

Benefits for the following:

Dehydration: Boosted with glycerin hydrating as you cleanse

Sensitivity: B3 and anti-inflammatory botanicals sooth skin and reduces inflammation. Glycerin and B3 rebuilds and repairs barrier function

Acne/congestion: Stabilises oil output calms and reduces breakouts. B3 assists in regulating sebum control and its anti inflammatory action calms breakouts. This is the ideal cleanser for acne prone skin. Cleanses without stripping.

Pigmentation: This anti inflammatory formulation calms inflammation, reducing pigment and preps skin to enhance absorption of actives to stabilise pigmentation. B3 blocks pigment production enzymes stopping the spread of pigmentation throughout the skin

Ageing: Reduces inflammation, a key culprit in the ageing process. B3 protects and prevents free radical and oxidative damage. The formula strengthens the barrier layer. Ultimately protecting collagen and elastin levels and your DNA

Step Two: Exfoliate and Rejuvenate with the Concentrated Clarifier

(18% AHA+BHA serum)

Apply a few drops of this perfect AHA BHA combo for congested and acne prone skin.

BHA (aka salicylic acid) penetrates into pores assisting in dissolving and stopping congestion. Doubling up as an anti inflammatory calming down inflamed breakouts.

AHAs provide and an additional exfoliation while working on skin rejuvenation at the same time and removing pigment and sun damage.

Step Three: The Concentrated Moisturiser+ 

Rebalance acne prone skin with this anti inflammatory non comedogenic soothing moisturiser.

With 5% B3 the Concentrated Moisturiser seamlessly integrates stabilising sebum output and calming down inflammation. The addition of anti oxidants helps prevent ageing whilst restoring the barrier function of the skin