Do you travel?
Yes I can travel up to 1/2 hour from the Shepparton Region for a makeup group booking of 4 to 6 faces. An on location fee is given on enquiry to cover time out of salon, load & unload time of makeup kit & fuel.

Whats involved in your hygienic & sanitary process during & inbetween clients?
Your health & safety has always been my priority.  

I thoroughly wash my hands between each client.

Artist to wear mask whilst working.

Allocated time will be taken between each client to sanatise powder products used, ie eyeshadow, blush etc), remove and place used brushes into a labelled bag and set up with cleaned brushes for the next client, and sanatise some favourite brushes for use again.

Makeup chair will be wiped down in between each client.

Disposable will always be used when needed.

Only the artist can touch products and equipment at the makeup station.

Talking In the makeup chair will need to be kept to a minimum to reduce the spread of droplets.

Clients must not place personal items (phone, keys and coffee/tea or food) in the designated makeup area. 

 Only the one person who is getting their makeup done can be within makeup space at any one time.

Artist and client must have access to running water.

If talent/client arrives unwell, the makeup artist reserves the right to refuse service for their own safety and wellbeing.

How do I prepare my skin for makeup application & what do I do with my skin on the day of my appointment?
Exfoliate your skin one week before your appointment or wedding day, & lightly exfoliate the evening before & moisturise well (with products you've used before). Keep up fluids, an SPF & avoid getting sunburnt. On the day of your makeup, do a gentle cleanse in the morning as your skin naturally sheds at night, & use your usual daily moisturiser. I will prepare your skin further from there to ensure your makeup will have greater longevity for your event.
If you get professional facial treatments done on a regularly basis, keep up with your home care products & routine as instructed by your dermal or beauty therapist.

Do I need to have a makeup trial? I recommend a makeup trial for Brides. We discuss colours & what your wanting to achieve out of your personal makeup look. Having a trial also helps with time on your Wedding Day & you know what to expect, so you have a smooth & comfortable time with us and vice versa. It's not necessary for Bridesmaids, Mothers or Special Occasion guests to have a trial as we consult in a way so that each individual feels comfortable. However, they are more than welcome to have a makeup trial if they would like, or if they have particular concerns about sensitivity to makeup products.

What brands are in your makeup kit?
Foundations & concealers from Estee Lauder, Kryolan, Urban Decay & Lafine Cosmetics. We tailor foundations to get the correct colour & finish for your skin type & desired outcome. Makeup products such a eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, highlighters & eyeliners from Anastasia Beverley Hills, Tarte Cosmetics, MAC, Tom Ford, Becca, Bobbi Brown, NARS, Inglot, Stila, Fenty Beauty, Curtis Collection, Poni Cosmetics, Smashbox, Laura Mercier, Hourglass. Lipsticks from Catherine Louise Cosmetics, Bodyography, Gorgeous Cosmetics.

What type of false lashes do you use?
I use individual flared lashes to create a full set, whether you after a natural look or a more full glam lash. We customise them to suit, lift & flatter your eye shape, size & makeup style, therefore they have a flexible fit for extra comfort. Unlike strip lashes, individual flares will be much more comfortable while your at your event. They take longer to apply than strip lashes, but its worth it for you! We use high quality HAVA Beauty Co lashes with a Latex based glue (easy removal), we also have an acrylic glue for those who have allergies to latex.

Do you sell lipsticks so we can touch up our lip colour?
Yes I do! We stock lipstick ranges from Bodyography, Lafine cosmetics and Catherine Louise Cosmetics ranging from $30 - $35.

Do I get my hair or makeup done first for my event?
If you have short hair or hair that is required to be wet before blow waving, get your hair done first. If your having your hair styled up or down, you can do hair or makeup first.

I get my eyebrows/lip waxed or have dermaplanning done on my face, how far in advance should I get this done before my event?

Have your waxing or dermaplanning done 4 to 7 days before your event. This will give the skin time to settle, as it effects how your makeup sits on the skins surface. If it is done too close to your event, makeup grabs on the edges of where you've had your waxing treatment, giving the makeup an uneven appearance on the skin in certain light.

I would like to have a spray tan, how far ahead do I get this done, and do you have any advice for skin preparation? 

 Sarah also specialises in natural looking tans. Have your spray tan done 2 days before your event. Have a trial run for your tan.

BEFORE YOUR TAN: Exfoliate your body in the shower regularly and especially the day before your tanning appointment. Use a body wash that says Ph balacing, and avoid harsh soaps or frangranced products.

Keep up your body moisturiser throughout the week. Any waxing to be done at least 24hrs before your tanning appointment. (if any closer, you risk the tan not adhearing to where you've had your waxing treatment resulting in an uneven application). If you Shave, do this 24hrs beforehand, leaving to the same day can risk some irritation if your prone to sensitive skin.

Wear or bring comfortable clothing to your appointment to avoid disturbing the tans development. Avoid Deodorant & body moisturiser the day of your tanning apmt ( a little on the face is fine if you have dry skin). If happens to be raining on the day of your appointment, please bring some loose fitting socks and long sleeve/full length clothing, i do have an umbrella to assist you back to your car if needed.

 (Dont forget to make sure the hair net given to you at your appointment exposes your ears and forehead fully to avoid an uneven application.)  

EXTRA TIPS - Ask your tanner to spray a little on your face as well, as this helps with your makeup tone. If you are known to get aggressive breakouts from having tan on your face, keep up some colour on your face with a gradual tanning lotion or face tan that you know works for you.

AFTER YOUR TAN: - avoid water until you have been instructed to have your first shower to remove product residue. The first shower must be just running water, no body washes or soaps as this can alter the desired outcome. (Your second shower is when you can start using your body wash or soaps. Preferably using a Ph balancing product and avoiding harsh soaps).

- Avoid tight clothing and footwear until you have had your first shower.

Keep up your moisturiser daily once you have your first shower to keep skin well hydrated, this helps the tan last longer.

Pat yourself gently with towel after showering or bathing to avoid friction so the tan can last longer.